Nicolas Oakwell

Nicolas Oakwell

Nicolas Oakwell

This has to have been the most breathtaking and incredible garment at London Fashion Weekend; the layers and layers of thousands of feathers, each layered and coloured perfectly to create the blend and contrast is just astonishing, the work, time and effort put into this piece simply amazes me of a true passion of creation.

As London Fashion Week came and went, a breeze of elegance and beauty drifted over the city, yet the week seems to fly by, without anytime to take in and process the work of those attending. LFW, every year is the highlight of my calendar, yet each year I have been so sucked up by reality and whats happening, I’ve never been able to attend. This year, however, was an exception as I visited the beautiful Somerest House for London Fashion Weekend. The experience alone was enough to leave me in shock, yet I was fortunate to take a seat and experience the incredible work of Nicolas Oakwell. Not only were his garments so much more alive in person, the sounds, the flowing of material and beads and the whole intimacy of the event was just breath taking. Words cannot describe the faces of those sitting on the front row as the thousand pound dresses drifted by them. The music was so peaceful and intricate, to compliment the incredible pieces he had created. It really does make you realise the impact true British designers have on us, and the amount of time and effort put into each piece was astonishing, each and everyone of us stood in a complete trance, watching the beautifully formed women parade there and back in the most delicate and elegant garments.


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