What is FASHION?

Fashion is something that people commonly overlook, as we are constantly submerged into it; yet fashion is so much more than just clothes and what we wear. Fashion is universal, and it is an extension of your personality, you are what you wear! The way you present yourself is so vital to the way you get treated in the world, as silly as it sounds, fashion is such an important element to everyday life. Although many are not interested, they have been forced to be part of the phenomenon in some shape or form; everyone buys and wears clothes. It is one of the largest industries in the world, and as it touches each and everyone of us on a day to day basis, it isn’t something that should be pushed aside and ignored; we simply need to educate those who wear the same fleece every day, for the last 20 years! Because at one point in time, the designer took the time to choose that exact colour, the exact texture and feel of the garment, yet fashion isn’t always admired for what it is. We have to have fashion, as the world is so fast paced, everything is constantly changing and updating, just like fashion. It is, in my opinion, one of the most dominate areas of work, and is one that people have such an interest for, why that colour? Why that material and style? WHY NOT! Fashion is whatever you want it to, it is the way we dress and present ourselves, but it is a small segment of the real you shining out, every single one of us has the opportunity to present ourselves in a different and unique way, we just don’t know it yet!


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