Diorskin Star Foundation


With this month’s issue of Vogue, amongst Taylor Swift, Jamie Dornan and Zoella, there is a hidden gem in regards to Dior’s cosmetics promotions. In this months issue, Dior is mentioned or shown 8 times throughout the magazine, but a whole page is designated to Dior this month, which is such an incredible feature to find. With Diorskin Star Foundation being the main attraction, it is so important that Dior finds it’s name in THE fashion magazine. 

The article is based around Dior’s new piece of technology; the Diorskin Star Foundation Analyser: which is a perfect shade match to the customers skin. Although this has been created by other brands, it is important for Dior to be up there and publicising their technology too. The light weight foundation comes in 14 different shades, and the customer is able to mix two foundations together to create the perfect blend. This very personal experience is exactly what keeps Dior ahead of competitors, as well as they’re exclusive cosmetics and their tool kits. The need for flawless completion is so vital, and with connections to backstage makeup links, this is such an incredible product to be selling; as well as being so widely publicised to the target audience.




Lisa Armstrong is the Daily Telegraph’s fashion editor, and someone who I have personally allowed and admired for years. Her informational language, and the way she includes so much terminology and passion into her writing is so incredible to read. Due to her fashion background, as previous British Fashion Writer of the Year, she has been in the fashion industry since the late 80’s, meaning her knowledge and interest in the industry is so strong. This has therefore lead to a thorough and detailed understanding of the way the fashion business works. After receiving honour from the university of Arts London, she is an inspiration of self promotion and believing in yourself as well as your style. As a promoter herself, she really is a fashion writer who has changed my views and beliefs within the industry. Her work I read on a weekly basis, and is someone who I would love to work alongside within the fashion industry. 



London Fashion week is one of the biggest events on a fashion lovers calendar; from the 12th of September to the 16th, it covers and highlights over 200 unique and personal designers. Each Spring/Summer collection is so special and incredibly detailed, they’re all so beautiful in creation and form.  
12th of September – DAY 1:
My favourite designer from the first day of London Fashion Week has to fall with Paul Costelloe’s spring/summer collection. The unique use of the material and pattern adds a level of sophistication as each creation looks so different, yet the material remains the same. As one of the designers of British Airway and the British Tennis Team, he uses such traditional crops and cuts of material, promoting a very traditional and sophisticated look to his collections. He has always been an inspiration as unlike new designers, since the 60’s Costelloe has stuck to what he knows, using more upper class ways of creating fashion. He is one of the most successful fashion labels for the last 30 years. 
13th of September – DAY 2:
One designer who is making her way up the fashion ladder is Paula Gerbase, who owns the fashion company 1205. Her signature is – ‘Restrained modern tailoring’. Her work is incredibly simplistic in form, and in particular, the way the colour is so delicate against the crops and cuts, along with the hang of the material, which adds a completely different ambiance to the whole collection. Her work, in my opinion is incredibly beautiful in creation, and is focused on her designs, which is something that a lot of designers now forget about. She has kept to the traditions of fashion, which is why she is an up and coming designer. 
14th of September – DAY 3:
This day in particular was full of incredible designers and collections, however one in particular really stood out to me to be the most realistic; Topshop Unique. The high street brand is one of the most affordable and simplistic collections at 2015 fashion week. with models such as Cara Delevingne, this day in particular was one that many young fashion lovers favoured. The use of block colour separates sections of the body alongside the separations of material. The simplicity of line is strong and highlighted in this collection, which is why I admire the choice with Topshop Unique. Yet another unmissable collection from the spring/summer collection. 
15th of September – DAY 4: 
Another incredible collection, which I personally have followed very carefully is Burberry Prorsum, with Anna Wintor and Paloma Faith on the front row, this was a collection which was looking at the femininity and crops of the body. The jackets and cropped trousers are so sophisticated, representing the world wide brand. Run this time by Christopher Bailey, his work has been so different since he took over in 2008. However this collection was so unique; the large sequins on the peach coloured skirts were so illuminating on the catwalk, which means that for me, this in particular, was one of the most rememberable collections. This sophisticated and emotional collection was incredibly powerful in itself. 
16th of September – DAY 5:
Ashish Gupta is a fun-loving designer, who always strikes me as a different and incredibly unique designer. From his ethics and designs, he will always be on a different level to others in his sector. The colours and sequins are incredibly blinding and creative. This collection is one of him most quirky, but the colours and light and bright, which is exactly what he wanted to achieve for the spring/summer collection. 

The Fashion Industry

Whilst starting my degree in Fashion Promotion, I have been researching the importance of a profession, and what direction I want to head into once I have finished. However, as the Fashion Industry in particular is such a fashion moving industry little planning can be made in some ways; as in 3 years time, there will be new creations, new styles and technologies, which means I am constantly having to adapt and be adaptive to change. Although many would see this as a negative aspect, the unknown is intact incredibly exciting and keeping the focus on the Promotion side to allow my experience to grow through the industry. Fashion is one of the hardest industries to acquire a job in, yet alone keep it; you are constantly fighting and pushing to do better, to manipulate and keep up to date with the surroundings. Although at times this is tough, to be constantly aware, it is incredibly exciting and allows a huge insight to what the future may hold.


What is a Professional?

Many people question what a ‘Professional’ is, and in some terms it is difficult to explain, because there are so many different careers changing the meaning. Yet there are certain skills that you need to be in each profession, qualifications are vital to getting a job, which many people underestimate. Nowadays, you need some sort of experience or degree being you to push you one step above the others, which is so tricky for some, yet is vital to joking the industry, as some sort of base level of knowledge is so incredibly important. However, there are factors which run across each level of work, and to be a professional there are certain attributes and attitudes which are nonnegotiable, they are the bases of a profession. In my opinion, the field I am looking to go into is the Fashion industry, so promotion is one of the largest components of this, meaning that for me, there are key elements that I need to acquire through my degree to help my profession:

  • Punctuality and Consistency
  • Willingness and Initiative
  • Drive, Ambition and Focus
  • Time keeping and Organisation
  • Diversity of knowledge
  • Positivity towards work
  • Individual communication as well as group
  • Work placement and Experience
  • Business Mind and Adaptivity
  • Awareness of other Cultures/Languages
  • Networking skills and Business awareness
  • Ability to use software
  • Recognise your weaknesses and strengths

The Age of Couture

When someone says the word ‘Couture’ to you, many famous names come to mind: Prada, Dior, Chanel, Westwood. Yet none of these names created the idea of design and fashion, yet they learnt this all from one man. 140 years ago, a man called Charles Fredrick Worth created the idea of couture, luxury, intimate and delicate garments, he was an incredible man to come up with the theory that there can be more to clothes than a pair of trousers and a top? He wanted to bring more to the world, he wanted to leave his mark and create something that was a one off, an item which was admired and wanted by all. He made his first high fashion collection in 1856 – which for that time, was just breathtaking for others. He was an inspiration in himself, yet his work was another thing completely. He made the most powerful and unique pieces, meaning to this day his name is constantly referred to in the fashion industry. 


The Creator of Fashion

What is fashion? A question asked by many, yet the answer is so different depending on who you ask! Fashion is something that everyone interprets in their own way, clothes, shoes, colours, textures, couture! There is no wrong answer, but it is all around us, every day of every week! But, fashion originates from Paris, starting with one man, from the Borock period, King Louie the 14th of Verselle; he was an inspiration of wealth and luxury, and taught all of his people about the importance of colour and texture. The colour purple was seen as luxury, and a colour that could only be worn by the rich. He created the idea of wigs and ladies styles, he sent dolls of fashion in Paris to other countries to educate them how to dress; he was the King of Fashion at that time. Because of this, Verselle is now famous for fashion, as it is where it originated from all that time ago. He left such an impact of luxury and created an identity which was known throughout the world, to the extent that the Russian’s spoke French as they wanted to be just like the, they wanted to live ‘the dream’ that King Louie had created. He was a very sophisticated and powerful man, and with this, he created the awareness of dress sense and fashion. 


Britain’s Got Fashion

Britain's Got Fashion

Recently, I was invited to an event in Hackney which displayed young peoples work from the surrounding area in the fashion industry. Now, many of these designers were 17-25, yet their pieces of art were so incredible, and the collections themselves were so beautifully crafted and thought over. I was astonished to see people my age creating such incredibly detailed, fashionable and crafted pieces of clothing, each garment was so individual and thought out. But what was so lovely, is that the designers then spoke to us, telling us their reasoning behind each piece – where, why and how they choose that material, that colour, that cut and style. The incredible thing is, they were so touched by the applause and the atmosphere in the village hall like room! Live music, Tamera from the x-factor, and a lot of families and friends were there to support this incredibly thoughtful event, and each designer I admired for not only the work, but the time and effort they had put into creating the pieces. It was just breathtaking to see these pieces down the catwalk, such an experience.