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Social aspects of Dior


When being a director or creator of a global fast moving business, networking and contacts are key to the way the company works. Keeping your name known by not only your target audience but other companies and competitors is key to success and managing a brand. Last year Kyra Kennedy’s fairytale couture dress fitting was largely publicised and then became a large social event; which then became a larger event for others to visit. As well as dressed in museums, this is not an obvious social element but it allows others to become connected to the brand. 

Other events that Dior has opened up to is the Miss Dior Exhibition which has opened in Paris; this is a prime example of publicising the brand through other means that advertising, it is an experience for the target audience to appreciate and learn more about the brand. Throughout London and other major cities there are constantly events, like late evening stores being opened, Vogue’s night out, and many different publicity events.