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Dior – Miss Dior


Miss Dior is one of the most famous fragrances by Dior, and has a range of adverts from over the years of rebranding and re-publicising. However, in my opinion, each and evert advert works so perfectly with the bottle; keeping the colour scheme, the elegancy and the luxury at the front line. This is so vital to make connections within the advert, as this is one of the first platforms which will come in contact with the audience. It is, however, a rather old fragrance. The Miss Dior 2010 advert is incredibly pink, the colour of the perfume liquid itself; however the 2012 version is a lot more muted, and the black bow from the top of bottle is pushed instead. These are such important features to consider when filming an advert; and something that Dior spends a lot of time on, and in fact a lot of money on –  perfecting the piece to create the perfect advert. Each of these adverts, unlike J’adore, include other accessories of the company, and even the dress in Miss Dior Cherie was a Dior exclusive; meaning that they are not only pushing the fragrance, they are constantly promoting the whole brand. Miss Dior is an incredibly personal perfume bottle in itself, named after his sister Catherine, it is also very specially made; the bottom of the bottle is rough and patterned. This is from when Dior was sketching one of his models, and when she stood up from sitting on a stool, she had a pattern imprinted on her leg; which Christian Dior himself loved; therefore there really is a piece of Dior in each and every bottle, a very personal company, and an incredibly developed company.

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Dior – J’adore Advert


The J’adore advert is the latest that Dior have published, after rebranding and creating secondary perfumes within the J’adore umbrella. With names such as Charlize Theron and Marilyn Monroe, this is one of the most luxurious and beautifully created adverts. Set in Verselle, the home of Haute Couture and Fashion itself, it is such an impacting and interesting advert when it is broken down; The initial comparison between the bottle and the model, is the tight, elongated necklace, which is reciprocated on the bottle neck; originating from Africa, where women were only beautiful when they accessorised and tried to manipulate their body to become what was deemed beautiful. The whole colour scheme is golden throughout, to highlight the heavenly bottle, and the golden smell which is needed by every women – which is why at the end of the advert, Charlize Theron is highlighted by a halo, to indicate the beauty and elegance beaming off of her, due to the fact that she is wearing J’adore Dior perfume. All of these subtle factors all work in synergy to draw the eye in and send the audience little hints of what is perfection; Dior are therefore selling the dream.

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Diorissimo 1960


These are four of the posters which were used to publicise the 1960’s Diorissimo perfume, some of the first promotion platforms used by Dior to entice the audience in.

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Diorissimo is not only a fragrance created in the 1960’s but Dior himself created a handbag collection along side the perfume. This has, however, now be re-branded and upgraded within the fashion industry. Dior are currently publicising the new Diorissimo bag, made from calfskin with contrasting pockets; this re branding is exactly why Dior are so successful within the industry. They look back at their existing products and see which were especially successful and work with the products, and try and reinvent them to fit the new target market. This is key within this industry in particular, the essence therefore of the product is kept the same, attracting the old market to reminisce within the brand. 

The old bottle, created nearly 55 years ago, was a lot smaller, and rounded at the sides to make a thin oval shape, with half the bottle class to see the perfume itself, then delicately wrapped in a dog tooth print, to match the lid. A small bow was tired around the lid of the bottle; which was a very feminine and the style of the time, which is why Dior is such a successful brand, it continually evolves and changed to fit the target audience. The sectioned bottle is such an effective way to entice the customer, as the eye is drawn toward the bottom of the bottle, showing the buyer just how much perfume you are getting for the price; which is a commonly used technique within the perfumery industry. Although, the old bottle looks very bulky and solid in shape, it was a very different shaped bottle in the 60’s, and attracted a lot of attention within the target market; it was the perfume which was desired and work by those who were upper class. Christian Dior has always had such a positive relationship with his target market, and always will be such an inspiration within the perfumery world. 

The bottle which is still available to buy now is a similar block shape, with rounded edges; but with a modern twist. The oval indented into the bottle to display the brand and name of the bottle is placed in the centre of the bottle itself. There is no dog tooth, however there is a sense of where it used to be, on the rim where the perfume lid is taken off, there is a metallic texture to the neck of the bottle, which is where the dog tooth was placed on the old bottle. There are similarities within the bottles, however the old bottle was a lot more unique and recognisable for customers to quickly distingusish. This is a disadvantage for Dior, as for this perfume in particular they haven’t made the bottle interesting or unique in any way, though it does fit with the collection of bottles; which when they are all together looks sophisticated and simplistic in design.

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Christian Dior

‘Make me a perfume that smells of love’

‘Happiness is the secret to all beauty. There is no beauty without happiness.’

‘My dream is to save women from nature.’

‘Simplicity, good taste and grooming are the three fundamentals of good dressing and these do not cost money.’

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Economic values of Dior


As Dior is a well known, well developed designer with nearly 70 years experience in the fashion industry, they have become one of the moat economically aware fashion companies in the business. The fashion industry itself is worth 26 billion to the UK economy. However there isn’t only a lot of money coming in that is positive, money such as advertising and promotion is a positive spend for the brand. For a large brand like Dior, there is a lot of money which has to be spent regarding adverts, magazine articles, as well as build boards and other publicity platforms. To make money in such a large industry, you have to start off spending a lot of money, to then increase the amount of income. 

Within the last 6 months, Dior has publicised 3 main adverts, J’adore alone cost £10 – £12 thousand pounds to make, however the amount of views and the amount go publicity for Dior would have made a large income for the business. Therefore the Economic values of a business are very varied, meaning that money is constantly changing, increasing and decreasing. This means that fashion itself is a very unstable market for someone to enter, as shops are constantly being closed down because of the competition and lack of need for that certain product. 

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Dior’s Competitors


Although Dior is one of the most influential and impacting companies within the fashion sector, other business’s on the same level therefore become highly competitive to make the same impact on their audience as Dior. Fashion itself is an incredibly strong competitive market; which is some cases can help the overall business, as it can push certain audiences in different directions as they have to choose which brand to go for. However with negative publicity or a bad review on a garment it can have a devastating effect on not only the company, but sales too. 

One of the biggest competitors in competition with Dior is Chanel; the two giants of the couture world. Being placed opposite each other in selfridges and other departments stores, as well as being round the corner to each other in London’s busy city centre, it causes a lot of friction between the two brands. Prices, colours, crops and materials are all so definitive from the catwalks and what is wanted by the target audience for that season, the chances for individuality are slim, however let alone competing with big brand. For the last 4 years in a row Dior has been the most bought perfume range above Chanel, however the Chanel handbag sales have increased largely over the past 2 years, much higher than Dior. Therefore, when a large competitor is so close in the market, at times compromise is the only way around this problem. Dior and Chanel will however always be trying to out do each other as it is simply the industry that they find themselves in.

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Technology used by Dior


Due to the emerging market and the fact that the industry is fast moving, companies have to adapt to what is new and upcoming within the fashion industry, as well as new technologies and ways of adapting the media and ways of contacting their audiences. As we now live in the 21st Century, this month the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus got released, and within 24 hours 4 million units were sold – let alone all of the other iPhones, android products and other brand; proving that the people of this generation, showing that technology is becoming more important and part of daily life. 

This is where brands, like Dior, have entered the new world, and have a well  established website with interactivity and a very easy working system,  but keeping up with sophisticated look of the brand. As well as the following  technologies: 

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Blogs
  • Website
  • App

Because Dior has become such a developed brand in itself as well as its awareness of what the target market are currently doing, and the latest technologies which are available, it allows the whole shopping experience, in store or online to be a remembered happy experience. As well as online, in store large digital images are constantly being displayed with a very high quality, showing the consumer possible outfits and ways of combining the products in store. This is such a vital element to have within the industry as it educates the shopper in a very indirect manner.

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Ethical issues with Dior


When approaching a fashion brand, there are so many factors which work in synergy to create the correct brand and the specific message that you want to sent to the target audience. However, this changes depending on the country, or region you are targeting, as it will attract a different audience due to the certain promotions. 

Dior, however, have become very adaptive to this on a European and Global level, and manage their adverts, articles and catwalks to fit the certain audience; regarding ethical issues. Due to it being such a brand there are strict ethical issues to keep the company, audience and creators satisfied. Regarding ethical issues, there are factors like inequity, phrasing, models, environment and fur, which all need to be specifically researched for the target audience. Dior produced a very large fur collection in 1956, which in that time, was acceptable as there was a lot of fur around; however 5 years ago there was a large discussion about the rights of fur and the ethical issues behind it. Therefore, Dior kept away from fun, unlike the competitors which therefore brought a lot of negative publicity upon themselves. 

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THE brand

My brand is Dior; one of the most well developed and throughout brands around to this day. Having experienced all sorts of styles over time, Dior has become very adaptive and innovative regarding the company as well as the fashion industry itself; developing year after year. The brand has a strong sense of consistency and such a diversity of knowledge; meaning the promotion of the company is so adaptive and ambitions. Due to their fast moving fashion and the focus and drive they hold, they sit high up in the fashion market; supporting Charles Fredrick Worth’s creation of Couture – high fashion. Because of the competitiveness of the industry, being a more senior member of the industry is key, not only to help sales and the way the brand functions, but the audience, the personal economy of the brand and the way it functions as a whole. Dior sits above many fashion houses, including Prada and Vivienne Westwood, and many other independent fashion companies. This is vital for competition and the unlimited possibilities for the brand. However, this hierarchy isn’t for definite, and Dior cannot confirm  a sense of security within the industry, as it is constantly changing, if the brand isn’t evolving and keeping up to date with the fashion industry, the brand cannot keep a secure position. 

Another key element which brings the whole brand together, is the idea of an ‘essence’ within the business, a story and sense of definition within the brand; allowing a connection with the target market, helping to build a ‘dream’ for the client. Dior’s story starts back in December of 1946, he wanted to create the dream, the dream of luxury and expand on the initial sense of couture and high fashion. His story is so strong to all of his clients; the passion and intelligence within fashion. He felt like he wanted to share his passion and creative mind with all, forming garments which were made for all, yet were previously aimed at a more specific target audience. He wanted to make couture accessible for all, he wanted to make the dream real; he wanted to create a ‘want’ for his products. Over the past 67 years, Dior has created this; the want for products, and the constant awareness of the brand; Dior, unlike many other fashion houses, has created ‘The Dream’.