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The ‘Stereotype’ Model


There is this fascination that those outside the fashion world believe that to be a model you have to be ‘verging anorexia’, boney and rather unattractive. This stereotype which has been created is one that couldn’t be more untrue! Although a lot of models are incredibly slim, that is the desirable look for those within the fashion industry. However the French Government are very much on the fence about the whole situation; although they appreciate the desired look by those buying, creating and selling, they have noticed the impact and the role models which have been created, and are starting to see the effects of this.

Therefore they are likely to pass the bill on ‘banning super-skinny models’ to allow a sense of relatability and to teach the fashion world that is it worldwide, and it reaches every single one of us, meaning there needs to be a lot of care and consideration about those who we look up to; a lesson I think everyone could benefit from.

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The city of Love


Paris is one of the most romantic, beautiful and luxurious cities in the world. The beauty of the people found it in, the fashion, the food, the whole atmosphere is simple amazing, and luckily enough I was able to visit the city last week. Looking at Paris on a fashion level, the city is perfect. The home of Haute Couture, Paris screams luxury, and the whole experience will be unforgettable. The Chanel Flag Ship store, as well as Louis Vuitton, the whole elegance and welcome from the city is just incredible, and the layout of the streets, and the hustle and bustle of the city centre is just phenomenal. The layout reminds me very much of New York, with blocks around the main shopping centre: Lefayette. The day was perfectly balanced between Fashion Shopping and sightseeing! I would recommend Paris is a place to visit if you have any sort of interest in fashion, the whole ora of the city is just beautiful! 

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Store Placements

IMG_3042Next I headed to the home of Madame De Pompadour’s home, the mistress of Louis XIV; now home to the Wallace Collection which is a house which burst of Paris, from the huge staircase to the ‘Gold Room’, it not only developed my understanding of Vivienne Westwood’s inspirations for a lot of her designs, but it made me incredibly excited for Paris; which was exactly one month on Sunday! Around the Wallace exhibition is home to a lot of wealthy Londoners, which suits the exhibition perfectly. 

Walking back along Oxford Street, we now walked the entire street of Bond Street; both old and new. This was one of the main sections of the whole day which really stood out to be, and made an impact on my understanding of the placement within the fashion clustering. Old Bond Street is full of luxury fashion houses, such as Tiffany, Chanel, Dior and Louis Vuitton. Like Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton has tried to create a unique experience for the customers, and another unique selling point to the brand. This store has been redesigned to feel like you, as the consumer, are inside a jewellery box! This strange idea, is actually incredibly effective, as the tall ceilings and the sectioned store allows the store to have something extra in comparison. However, there is one more important factor which I noticed about Bond Street, There is a large Chanel store opposite to Vuitton, however, there is now a Dior being built right next door to Chanel; this push of competitiveness is key to keeping up to date with what the other is planning, and will help both to develop and continue to cluster together to re-enforce their position amongst rivals.

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Dior – Addict


Dior Addict, is yet again, a very different perfume which has been created, yet the whole promotional aspect is very different again. The bottle itself is a very simple creation in shape and colour, however all of the promotion platforms have created a very unique look. The muted colours of the bottle and initial part of the advert are contracted against a very bold and dramatic second half – which is highlighted within the bottle title; addict. This can be a very beautiful thing, addiction, you can be addicted to someone as you’re so in love, or you can be addicted to something in a very negative way; and this is the narrative behind the perfume; you buy the dream of Dior, but you then want it, more and more, different smells and different bottles. It is such an incredibly subtle yet wonderful promotional aspect to Dior, each and every perfume has such an in-depth meaning behind it. The advert is so surreal and starts off as a traditional Dior advert, the big french house, yet once the model enters the mirror it is a completely different story, which is the same as addiction. The in-depth meaning is so thought out in this advert more than any other of Dior’s in my opinion, which is why it was such a hit with sales, and has helped to put Dior Addict on the map with in the fragrance industry.

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Dior – Miss Dior


Miss Dior is one of the most famous fragrances by Dior, and has a range of adverts from over the years of rebranding and re-publicising. However, in my opinion, each and evert advert works so perfectly with the bottle; keeping the colour scheme, the elegancy and the luxury at the front line. This is so vital to make connections within the advert, as this is one of the first platforms which will come in contact with the audience. It is, however, a rather old fragrance. The Miss Dior 2010 advert is incredibly pink, the colour of the perfume liquid itself; however the 2012 version is a lot more muted, and the black bow from the top of bottle is pushed instead. These are such important features to consider when filming an advert; and something that Dior spends a lot of time on, and in fact a lot of money on –  perfecting the piece to create the perfect advert. Each of these adverts, unlike J’adore, include other accessories of the company, and even the dress in Miss Dior Cherie was a Dior exclusive; meaning that they are not only pushing the fragrance, they are constantly promoting the whole brand. Miss Dior is an incredibly personal perfume bottle in itself, named after his sister Catherine, it is also very specially made; the bottom of the bottle is rough and patterned. This is from when Dior was sketching one of his models, and when she stood up from sitting on a stool, she had a pattern imprinted on her leg; which Christian Dior himself loved; therefore there really is a piece of Dior in each and every bottle, a very personal company, and an incredibly developed company.

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Diorissimo is not only a fragrance created in the 1960’s but Dior himself created a handbag collection along side the perfume. This has, however, now be re-branded and upgraded within the fashion industry. Dior are currently publicising the new Diorissimo bag, made from calfskin with contrasting pockets; this re branding is exactly why Dior are so successful within the industry. They look back at their existing products and see which were especially successful and work with the products, and try and reinvent them to fit the new target market. This is key within this industry in particular, the essence therefore of the product is kept the same, attracting the old market to reminisce within the brand. 

The old bottle, created nearly 55 years ago, was a lot smaller, and rounded at the sides to make a thin oval shape, with half the bottle class to see the perfume itself, then delicately wrapped in a dog tooth print, to match the lid. A small bow was tired around the lid of the bottle; which was a very feminine and the style of the time, which is why Dior is such a successful brand, it continually evolves and changed to fit the target audience. The sectioned bottle is such an effective way to entice the customer, as the eye is drawn toward the bottom of the bottle, showing the buyer just how much perfume you are getting for the price; which is a commonly used technique within the perfumery industry. Although, the old bottle looks very bulky and solid in shape, it was a very different shaped bottle in the 60’s, and attracted a lot of attention within the target market; it was the perfume which was desired and work by those who were upper class. Christian Dior has always had such a positive relationship with his target market, and always will be such an inspiration within the perfumery world. 

The bottle which is still available to buy now is a similar block shape, with rounded edges; but with a modern twist. The oval indented into the bottle to display the brand and name of the bottle is placed in the centre of the bottle itself. There is no dog tooth, however there is a sense of where it used to be, on the rim where the perfume lid is taken off, there is a metallic texture to the neck of the bottle, which is where the dog tooth was placed on the old bottle. There are similarities within the bottles, however the old bottle was a lot more unique and recognisable for customers to quickly distingusish. This is a disadvantage for Dior, as for this perfume in particular they haven’t made the bottle interesting or unique in any way, though it does fit with the collection of bottles; which when they are all together looks sophisticated and simplistic in design.

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Christian Dior

‘Make me a perfume that smells of love’

‘Happiness is the secret to all beauty. There is no beauty without happiness.’

‘My dream is to save women from nature.’

‘Simplicity, good taste and grooming are the three fundamentals of good dressing and these do not cost money.’

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Social aspects of Dior


When being a director or creator of a global fast moving business, networking and contacts are key to the way the company works. Keeping your name known by not only your target audience but other companies and competitors is key to success and managing a brand. Last year Kyra Kennedy’s fairytale couture dress fitting was largely publicised and then became a large social event; which then became a larger event for others to visit. As well as dressed in museums, this is not an obvious social element but it allows others to become connected to the brand. 

Other events that Dior has opened up to is the Miss Dior Exhibition which has opened in Paris; this is a prime example of publicising the brand through other means that advertising, it is an experience for the target audience to appreciate and learn more about the brand. Throughout London and other major cities there are constantly events, like late evening stores being opened, Vogue’s night out, and many different publicity events.