Fashion Promotion, History, Movement, The Dream

The Importance of Fashion


Brands want to make an emotional connection with us, the consumer – the buying of the product isn’t important, but you have to be absorbed into the brand – learn their story – then, you may purchase something, it is secondary to the experience and whether you belong to that brand. The whole experience becomes very psychological as you’re focusing on emotions, what they like and what they would rather have to appreciate the brand; you have to sell the fashion, the brand has an essence, story and dream, and this has to be at the forefront of the shopping experience. The shape of the clothing and the styles aren’t as vital, the emotional response to the brand is therefore vital.


Bloggers, designers, top models, are just a few of the people who would have an impact on the audience, they’re the opinion makers within the way a trend comes about. Many designer collections are now hosting individual events which act as a photo worthy event, everything has to be beautiful, the small group of people experience this new event; and in doing so they talk to their early adopters, which let the information leak quickly, but not to the mass market to stop the brand getting damaged to the wrong people; but the adopters pick up on it and it grows as it becomes more aware. This is all due to a very personal experience and a unique event; the selling of the brands itself is very subtle, but the experience is the key think which is being highlighted.