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Bridge Brands


Bridge Brands sit above the high street, but below Luxury fashion, it is used as the bridge between the expensive market and the more moderate pricing. The term ‘Bridge Brands’ originates int he 70’s due to the gap in the market which quickly emerged as there was a large gap within the industry. Because of the link between the two, there is a larger target market due to the range in price; meaning that the market is very middle classed, and predominately women aged 30 onwards; very sophisticated fashion lovers who have an income to dispose of. The entry price for a bridge brand is around £50, which is a lot more realistic within the target audience, such shops as Ted Baker, Karen Millen, Joseph, L.K. Bennett and Heritage; these are upperclass designer shops, which are concentrated on their target audience. The brand Reiss have several stores across the UK, Ireland, Asia, USA and Malaysia, proving the desire and want for this market, as well as many bigger brands, such as Cos owning other smaller companies, which are either in the same market of the lower level, such as H&M.