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Company Bloggers Fashion Event


Last Thursday I was lucky enough to attend the Bloggers Style and High Street Company Event; hosted by the Company Magazine which was such an incredibly fashion event, combining all of the big bloggers with the best of what the high street has to offer! With names such as Primark, River Island, Warehouse and Yumi; the event was so individual as the fashion collections are available to buy from stores now! This extra factors was a real eye opener, and the bloggers themselves were available to discuss their reasonings and colour pallets. The fact that there was a real sense of high street style made it available and accessible to all; from teenagers to young adults!

BLOGGERS: Megan Ellaby for Asos, Emma Hill for M&S, Coco’s Tea Party for Next, Patricia Bright for Oasis, Hannah Louise F for Primark, Kavita Donkersley for River Island, Doina Ciobanu for Yumi and Amy Bell for Warehouse.

As well as this, the event offered free makeup and tutorials, nail sessions as well as hair styling; the interactivity was perfect for the event, and with names such as Paul Mitchell and Bargrooves, it is no wonder the tickets sold out within a week of releasing them. Located in Tobacco Dock, the event was also so personal, and the lighting, positioning and the whole decor fitted the mood spot on, and the whole event was so eye opening and helpful for not only fashion bloggers, but those interested in fashion and the high street brand. If there were to be another event held by company, I would not hesitate one bit to go, the whole scene and professional catwalk was just incredible, a real eye opener to what is out there today.

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High Street


The high street has  avery direct core market, of those aged about 30 and older, this is due to the financial positioning and the choice of lifestyle that the customer has under taken, however age is a defining factor as the vast majority of theses brands are popular in the youth, however certain styles and pricing aims them more towards economy; this is due to the increase in fast fashion. Gap, Coast, Warehouse, Oasis and Monki are all examples of High street fashion houses. They are cheaper than designer clothing, but is a higher quality. It can sometimes not always be on trend but ever collection contains an element of cat walk. High street fashion ams about in the early 20th century, where woman commonly stayed at home with children, meaning that the average income dropped, as there was less income, meaning a more affordable and accessible market needed to be available. The entry price of garments therefore represents this, as it starts at around £10, which is for a basic white t-shirt. On the other hand, with such a high number of transactions being carried out online in the recent years, retailers with a strong web element now need just 70 high street stores to create a national presence compared to 250 shops about 15 years ago. This shows how quickly the market has changed and manipulated to fit the target markets needs and wants.