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Christmas at Dior


When looking at Dior Fragrance, there is one shop which automatically comes to mind in regards to cosmetics and learning more about the company; the Dior Beauty Boutique in Covent Garden. It was the first Boutique of Dior’s to move from Paris, which means that a lot of the products which get sent over appear in the Covent garden store first; which is personal as it had a connection with the company itself; but it also has its unique eye shadow which was made just for the Covent Garden Store. Having elements of individuality and unique selling points within the sales and stores is so important as Covent Garden is now know by some, as the ‘English home of Dior’. It has such a power and hierarchy over the other stores due to this. 

As I am a member of the Special Events and Information side of Dior, I have recently been to see the new Dior Makeup, which is being released at Christmas. Without ruining the surprise, the bottles of nail varnish and the lipsticks come in an incredibly rich gold colour, with a cylindrical theme within the overall style. The colours are so full and wintery, with a day and night wear section. The lip sticks were something else, with two shades for highlighting and a shimmer, it is something that not only I, but so many people will be looking forward for when Christmas arrives. Dior is such a fast moving brand, and not on the products, but the wording, packaging and the overall feel of the products has become so developed over the past few years. In a few weeks I am having a private makeup session with one of the top makeup artists at Dior, to test the new products and the Covent Garden eyeshadow, an incredible and unforgettable experience!

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Dolche Vita


DOLCHE VITA – ‘A happiness potion. A sensual, voluptuous fragrance that is simple and contrasting, hinting at a carefree, joyous walk along the Italian Riviera.’

  1. Dolche Vita – Eau de Toilette

Another one off product created by Dior, it isn’t one of their most famous of recognised perfumes; it is also the only one of the Dior perfumes to not have the brand name on the bottle. Ranging from £40 – £90 the perfume was one of the pricer smells which they have created. Created in 1994, to this day it is 20 years old; however at the time a lot of reviews were saying the need for the smell quickly wore off as it became slightly too much for the wearer. This was not a successful perfume for Dior, and had a few major complaints regarding the smell and the dream created; it was not desired by the women of that time, instead it was a one off buy, instead of a regular purchase; meaning it quickly faded out of the spotlight within the world pf perfumery.