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The Dior Narrative


When looking into the narrative and the dream behind Diorissimo, there are many connotations which jump out of the product, and for me there is a very strong story which unveils. Dior is an incredibly sophisticated and well developed brand, which enables a strong sense of control within the brand; however for me, the dior fragrances are more than just smells, they work together in synergy to create a family like feel. J’adore, Miss Dior and Les Creations de Monsieur Dior are three sisters, and when you unravel the product identify within each fragrance you gain an understanding of the audience, smell, bottle aesthetics, and the feel of the perfume. These factors enable the consumer to learn more about where the product fits within the Dior Fragrance ‘family’. 

J’adore is a very sleek, sexual perfume, which is incredibly feminine and independent. The woman behind the fragrance is heavily beautiful and someone how has confidence within herself, she knows what she wants and how she is going to get it. This very confident and forward figure which appears in the family of Dior is an older sister, and is a well loved, appreciated yet strong smell, and is well developed to the perfect amount.

Next you have Miss Dior, who is the youngest of the three, sisters within the Dior fragrance family; she is cheeky, flirty and incredibly girls; the smell is flowery and pink which is displayed strongly within the packaging colour and bow on the lid. Miss Dior is the youngest and although she is confident in herself she has changes to make to herself, and is giggly. If she were to be drawn, she would too be very beautiful, but younger, and she is fun; which is the most important element which can be taken from the fragrance.

Finally you have the strong family of Les Creations de Monsieur Dior, which are almost the cousins of the Dior family, as they themselves make up 6 of the Dior fragrances, meaning there is a strong bond and collection within the brand. Diorissimo, Diorella, Dioressence and Diorling are almost quadruplets, the smells and the looks which carry the Dior fragrance forward are so similar, the bottle shapes are all identical and the look and feel which can be captured from the fragrance are identical. 

I personally see Diorissimo as an interesting family member within the fragrance market. The bottle itself is very bland, there is very little shape and outstanding factor of the bottle, however this inputs an element of mystery within the product, implying that Dior may have put all their efforts into the smell and left the packaging and bottle plain to allow a sense of the unknown into the product. The sell is so floral and fruity, almost a younger smell, however it was one of the first created which leaves the element of surprise when the scent is smelt as you see the movement behind the smell throughout the years. The Diorissimo woman is incredibly elegant yet simplistic, it leaves a lot to the imagination and allows a true mystical element to her; she too would be incredibly beautiful, old fashioned in her beliefs yet her rebranding makes her young in age. In my opinion, Diorissimo is the most interesting of the Dior Fragrance Collection, and although she isn’t the most famous, this adds the element of surprise to her, which is her unique selling point within the market. 

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Christmas at Dior


When looking at Dior Fragrance, there is one shop which automatically comes to mind in regards to cosmetics and learning more about the company; the Dior Beauty Boutique in Covent Garden. It was the first Boutique of Dior’s to move from Paris, which means that a lot of the products which get sent over appear in the Covent garden store first; which is personal as it had a connection with the company itself; but it also has its unique eye shadow which was made just for the Covent Garden Store. Having elements of individuality and unique selling points within the sales and stores is so important as Covent Garden is now know by some, as the ‘English home of Dior’. It has such a power and hierarchy over the other stores due to this. 

As I am a member of the Special Events and Information side of Dior, I have recently been to see the new Dior Makeup, which is being released at Christmas. Without ruining the surprise, the bottles of nail varnish and the lipsticks come in an incredibly rich gold colour, with a cylindrical theme within the overall style. The colours are so full and wintery, with a day and night wear section. The lip sticks were something else, with two shades for highlighting and a shimmer, it is something that not only I, but so many people will be looking forward for when Christmas arrives. Dior is such a fast moving brand, and not on the products, but the wording, packaging and the overall feel of the products has become so developed over the past few years. In a few weeks I am having a private makeup session with one of the top makeup artists at Dior, to test the new products and the Covent Garden eyeshadow, an incredible and unforgettable experience!

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Dior – Addict


Dior Addict, is yet again, a very different perfume which has been created, yet the whole promotional aspect is very different again. The bottle itself is a very simple creation in shape and colour, however all of the promotion platforms have created a very unique look. The muted colours of the bottle and initial part of the advert are contracted against a very bold and dramatic second half – which is highlighted within the bottle title; addict. This can be a very beautiful thing, addiction, you can be addicted to someone as you’re so in love, or you can be addicted to something in a very negative way; and this is the narrative behind the perfume; you buy the dream of Dior, but you then want it, more and more, different smells and different bottles. It is such an incredibly subtle yet wonderful promotional aspect to Dior, each and every perfume has such an in-depth meaning behind it. The advert is so surreal and starts off as a traditional Dior advert, the big french house, yet once the model enters the mirror it is a completely different story, which is the same as addiction. The in-depth meaning is so thought out in this advert more than any other of Dior’s in my opinion, which is why it was such a hit with sales, and has helped to put Dior Addict on the map with in the fragrance industry.

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Dior Addict

Dior addict

 DIOR ADDICT – ‘The sophisticated freshness of a woody floral: decidedly feminine, it sparkles with a fresh and sensual elegance; intuitively beautiful and freely seductive.’

  1. Eau Fraiche
  2. Eau de Parfum
  3. Eau de Toilette

The price range for this product lives more in the mid £50’s, but 100ml can cost up to £90 still; one of the more pricey products in Dior’s perfumery range. Dior Addict is a very specific perfume in itself, the name explains this in one word: ‘Addict’. Dior wanted to create a smell which was wanted and needed by the women at the time, he wanted each and every one of us to need this perfume, which entails the addiction to the perfume. This is such a important promotional tool which Dior has clicked onto, he has not only emphasised the dream to the audience, but told the women that this smell is addictive, and they need it in their life – such a powerful element within promotion. However, the bottle itself isn’t desiring unlike some of his other products, causing an element of surprise – causing you to have to smell it to understand the addiction.