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Dior – Miss Dior


Miss Dior is one of the most famous fragrances by Dior, and has a range of adverts from over the years of rebranding and re-publicising. However, in my opinion, each and evert advert works so perfectly with the bottle; keeping the colour scheme, the elegancy and the luxury at the front line. This is so vital to make connections within the advert, as this is one of the first platforms which will come in contact with the audience. It is, however, a rather old fragrance. The Miss Dior 2010 advert is incredibly pink, the colour of the perfume liquid itself; however the 2012 version is a lot more muted, and the black bow from the top of bottle is pushed instead. These are such important features to consider when filming an advert; and something that Dior spends a lot of time on, and in fact a lot of money on –  perfecting the piece to create the perfect advert. Each of these adverts, unlike J’adore, include other accessories of the company, and even the dress in Miss Dior Cherie was a Dior exclusive; meaning that they are not only pushing the fragrance, they are constantly promoting the whole brand. Miss Dior is an incredibly personal perfume bottle in itself, named after his sister Catherine, it is also very specially made; the bottom of the bottle is rough and patterned. This is from when Dior was sketching one of his models, and when she stood up from sitting on a stool, she had a pattern imprinted on her leg; which Christian Dior himself loved; therefore there really is a piece of Dior in each and every bottle, a very personal company, and an incredibly developed company.