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Life Drawing


Within my degree, it is very important to create an individual style within the industry to make sure that you stand out, and you’re remembered by others; this isn’t simply through the means of fashion itself, but the way you create work and pieces which will reflect your personality and style through other means than sight. 

Each Tuesday I participate in a life drawing session of two and a half hours; each is very different, meaning that the outcomes are constantly changing, but also each drawing is so powerful and individual to you, as others will have a completely different view in comparison to yours. This in itself is such an experience, as it allows room for your own interpretation and the way you see the model to shine though, but it also allows you to be able to view the model in your own way; whether that be without a head, or from the waste down, each drawing is unique to you.

After visiting the AOI Illustration Awards, I have become very aware of other individual ways of creating art, and the way they want their individual message to be portrayed; which has allowed me to really think about the style I want to create within my life drawing. Although drawing is not a strong point of mine, I find the whole experience very intense, yet such an incredible way to be able to draw the human body from the primary source. This is something which I wish to continue, and cannot wait to compare my first drawings with my last! The weekly session has already had an impact on my drawing ability, and although at the moment my creations are very sketchy, and with a lot of lines and over-drawing, I am excited to continue on this path to create the perfect drawing.