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Ethical issues with Dior


When approaching a fashion brand, there are so many factors which work in synergy to create the correct brand and the specific message that you want to sent to the target audience. However, this changes depending on the country, or region you are targeting, as it will attract a different audience due to the certain promotions. 

Dior, however, have become very adaptive to this on a European and Global level, and manage their adverts, articles and catwalks to fit the certain audience; regarding ethical issues. Due to it being such a brand there are strict ethical issues to keep the company, audience and creators satisfied. Regarding ethical issues, there are factors like inequity, phrasing, models, environment and fur, which all need to be specifically researched for the target audience. Dior produced a very large fur collection in 1956, which in that time, was acceptable as there was a lot of fur around; however 5 years ago there was a large discussion about the rights of fur and the ethical issues behind it. Therefore, Dior kept away from fun, unlike the competitors which therefore brought a lot of negative publicity upon themselves.