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Economic values of Dior


As Dior is a well known, well developed designer with nearly 70 years experience in the fashion industry, they have become one of the moat economically aware fashion companies in the business. The fashion industry itself is worth 26 billion to the UK economy. However there isn’t only a lot of money coming in that is positive, money such as advertising and promotion is a positive spend for the brand. For a large brand like Dior, there is a lot of money which has to be spent regarding adverts, magazine articles, as well as build boards and other publicity platforms. To make money in such a large industry, you have to start off spending a lot of money, to then increase the amount of income. 

Within the last 6 months, Dior has publicised 3 main adverts, J’adore alone cost £10 – £12 thousand pounds to make, however the amount of views and the amount go publicity for Dior would have made a large income for the business. Therefore the Economic values of a business are very varied, meaning that money is constantly changing, increasing and decreasing. This means that fashion itself is a very unstable market for someone to enter, as shops are constantly being closed down because of the competition and lack of need for that certain product.