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My brand is Dior; one of the most well developed and throughout brands around to this day. Having experienced all sorts of styles over time, Dior has become very adaptive and innovative regarding the company as well as the fashion industry itself; developing year after year. The brand has a strong sense of consistency and such a diversity of knowledge; meaning the promotion of the company is so adaptive and ambitions. Due to their fast moving fashion and the focus and drive they hold, they sit high up in the fashion market; supporting Charles Fredrick Worth’s creation of Couture – high fashion. Because of the competitiveness of the industry, being a more senior member of the industry is key, not only to help sales and the way the brand functions, but the audience, the personal economy of the brand and the way it functions as a whole. Dior sits above many fashion houses, including Prada and Vivienne Westwood, and many other independent fashion companies. This is vital for competition and the unlimited possibilities for the brand. However, this hierarchy isn’t for definite, and Dior cannot confirm  a sense of security within the industry, as it is constantly changing, if the brand isn’t evolving and keeping up to date with the fashion industry, the brand cannot keep a secure position. 

Another key element which brings the whole brand together, is the idea of an ‘essence’ within the business, a story and sense of definition within the brand; allowing a connection with the target market, helping to build a ‘dream’ for the client. Dior’s story starts back in December of 1946, he wanted to create the dream, the dream of luxury and expand on the initial sense of couture and high fashion. His story is so strong to all of his clients; the passion and intelligence within fashion. He felt like he wanted to share his passion and creative mind with all, forming garments which were made for all, yet were previously aimed at a more specific target audience. He wanted to make couture accessible for all, he wanted to make the dream real; he wanted to create a ‘want’ for his products. Over the past 67 years, Dior has created this; the want for products, and the constant awareness of the brand; Dior, unlike many other fashion houses, has created ‘The Dream’.


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