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POISON – ‘The sophisticated freshness of a woody floral: decidedly feminine, it sparkles with a fresh and sensual elegance; intuitively beautiful and freely seductive.’

  1. Hypnotic – Eau fe Parfum
  2. Hypnotic – Eau de Toilette
  3. Pure Poison – Eau de Parfum
  4. Poidon – Eau de Toilette

Poison is one of the newer fragrances from Dior,  produced by Francois Demachy, with a much lower price range, starting at £35 – £75. This product wasn’t favoured as much in reviews but the bottle is said to entice more customers than a lot of other Dior perfumes. Due to the mysterious and almost aggressive looking bottle, it in itself, is a promotional product. It draws the audience in. This bottle in particular has a story behind it, the presume is like poison, it is strong and powerful, and almost addicted by some. The choice of name is so interesting considering a lot of other perfumes by Dior are lighter in tone, but this perfume attracted a much larger audience as it was different, Dior kept up to date with fast pace industry and tried something new.


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