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Les Escales de Dior


LES ESCALES DE DIOR – ‘Simple and refined,  Les Escales de Dior are fresh and luminous in fragrance that offer an invitation for travel, developed from natural and exceptional ingredients.’

  1. Escale a Parati
  2. Escale aux Marquises
  3. Escale a Pondichery
  4. Escale a Portofino

Les Escales de Dior is not one of Diors most famous fragrances, however it has been voted on of the most fresh smells of 2005 – 2010. Is is priced between £40 – £80, and is a personal favourite of mine, due to the simplicity of smells, a lot of perfumes have now become very overcomplicated and the smell is just too much – which is something Dior is said to have realised, and unlike certain Chanel perfumes, Dior has enabled a light smell; even within the winter fragrances. The detail in the uneven bottle is also very unlike Dior, as a lot of the bottle are very simplistic in creation to keep the attention on the smell instead of a fancy bottle; though the smell links to the name; The Ports of Dior, highlighting the possibility of change, creating the dream for the audience once again.


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