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Les Creations de Monsieur Dior


LES CREATIONS DE MONSIEUR DIOR – ‘Timeless collection is composed of intensely floral, elegant fragrances that are reminiscent of Dior’s most beautiful gowns, Mr Dior’s favourite flowers or that embody the spirit of another time’

  1. Diorissimo
  2. Eau Fraiche
  3. Diorella
  4. Dioressence 
  5. Forever and ever Dior
  6. Diorling

Dior wanted to create perfuse to match each of the gowns for his first collection, which is where Diorissimo was born. Along with the 5 other fragrances, these range in creation from 1947-1955. They are what Dior is known for, and each one is personal to Dior and a time in his life. In my opinion this is where the real Dior fragrances were born, these are true to form; yet fashion has moved on. The 6 fragrances range from £50 – £90 in price, the higher end of the scale for the business. Dior wanted women to feel special and create an all round package for this audience, which is where he realised the importance of peripheral market and brand extension. This is the importance of looking at the bigger picture within the industry, when women get dressed up in their couture garments by Dior, they also need perfume, gloves, bag ad jewellery; this is where Dior saw a huge development within the company and decided that Dior was ready for the next step as the company was expanding and the name was become famous on a more global level. Therefore, for the big 6 collections that Dior first created when starting out, he matched the perfumes to the gowns to complete the piece; an incredibly wise and brave choice back in that day, but he changed the way the perfumery industry now functions. 


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