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Legal factors of Dior

Regarding the legal factors of a fashion business, the individual brand can chose the specific legal rights and limitations that they want to put forward. However, there is a law based treatise, Fashion Law and Business Brand and Retailers. This covers the legal entry for starting up a fashion company, and the considerations that need to be made recording the business plan. Trademarks and Copyrights are also key to allow a structure to the business, but also to lay the ground rules out and the legal principles regarding the specific company. 

This is where Dior focused a lot of time when creating the brand 57 years ago. Christian Dior was very set on what he wanted to produce, and the exact outcomes he wished to create. Meaning that all of the products were copyrighted, as well as the individual designs to an extend; the exact shapes and cuts put together with the exact design is not allowed in the fashion world. Although due to the limitations within the industry, overlap is something often occurs and can cause big problems for companies.

False Advertising is also a Law which is in place; but loosely. You have to meet the regulations when advertising, but also on social networks. This is something that is taken seriously by Dior, as not only do they want to make sure their brand is still up keeping their reputation, but also attracting the correct target audience with the advertisements they make. 

For an up and coming business, nowadays there are books, classes and tuitions that can be undertaken by the owner of the company to make sure that they are abiding the law regarding the industry. But, when Dior was first branded, there would have been no strict laws or codes of conduct, which meant that in 1963 overlap of other companies started to take place, which lead Dior to look into protecting his work and the famous brand he had previously created. 


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