Fashion, Fashion Promotion

 John Galliano; 1997 -2011 


  • The British designer came in to contact with Dior due to him working with Anna Wintour previously, which he was then appointed to replace Ferre in 1997. Galliano was compared to Dior, which was such an achievement, as well as his creative mind and work ethic was such a change to the company which is why he was included in the company for such a long time. His style and way of work was so similar to Dior which lead to such a successful career for him, even after leaving Dior, he will always be one of the most influential men at Dior. To this day his designs are admired by so many which is why he has now been appointed Head Creative Director for Matin Margiela; though he will always be considered one of fashion’s most controversial designers.

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