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DUNE – ‘A homage to Christian Dior’s childhood home in Granville, where sea meets land, Dior created the fragrance Dune. An invitation to escape and serenity.’

  1. Dune – Eau de Toilette

This fragrance was a very personal one to the company in recognition to Christian Dior himself. He is very much remembered and the story for this fragrance like back to his childhood, the smells and colours he has once told the company. The product ranges from £35 – £55 in price, although it was a one off product. Dune was created in 1991, and wasn’t as successful as Dior had hoped, though they did have several key smells which were popular with their target market at that particular time, which therefore meant that Dune wasn’t favoured and got pushed aside. However, there was a much deeper reason behind this perfume, which was admired by many Dior followers, it was a very personal product to launch, which had a positive impact on the economy and sales income within the business. 


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