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Dolche Vita


DOLCHE VITA – ‘A happiness potion. A sensual, voluptuous fragrance that is simple and contrasting, hinting at a carefree, joyous walk along the Italian Riviera.’

  1. Dolche Vita – Eau de Toilette

Another one off product created by Dior, it isn’t one of their most famous of recognised perfumes; it is also the only one of the Dior perfumes to not have the brand name on the bottle. Ranging from £40 – £90 the perfume was one of the pricer smells which they have created. Created in 1994, to this day it is 20 years old; however at the time a lot of reviews were saying the need for the smell quickly wore off as it became slightly too much for the wearer. This was not a successful perfume for Dior, and had a few major complaints regarding the smell and the dream created; it was not desired by the women of that time, instead it was a one off buy, instead of a regular purchase; meaning it quickly faded out of the spotlight within the world pf perfumery.


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