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Dior’s Competitors


Although Dior is one of the most influential and impacting companies within the fashion sector, other business’s on the same level therefore become highly competitive to make the same impact on their audience as Dior. Fashion itself is an incredibly strong competitive market; which is some cases can help the overall business, as it can push certain audiences in different directions as they have to choose which brand to go for. However with negative publicity or a bad review on a garment it can have a devastating effect on not only the company, but sales too. 

One of the biggest competitors in competition with Dior is Chanel; the two giants of the couture world. Being placed opposite each other in selfridges and other departments stores, as well as being round the corner to each other in London’s busy city centre, it causes a lot of friction between the two brands. Prices, colours, crops and materials are all so definitive from the catwalks and what is wanted by the target audience for that season, the chances for individuality are slim, however let alone competing with big brand. For the last 4 years in a row Dior has been the most bought perfume range above Chanel, however the Chanel handbag sales have increased largely over the past 2 years, much higher than Dior. Therefore, when a large competitor is so close in the market, at times compromise is the only way around this problem. Dior and Chanel will however always be trying to out do each other as it is simply the industry that they find themselves in.


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