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Fashion is universal. Clothes are an extension of your personality, expressing yourself though the means of fashion; ‘you are what you wear’ – and this is something that one brand in particular understands this on another level; Dior. The label Christian Dior is one of the most famous, most intricate and couture designers know, he was one of the most influential designers; proven simply by his personal brand still thriving 57 years after his death. 

From his early career in 1946, he started out as a simple, yet luxurious couture fashion brand, which to this day has extended out, keeping up with the fast pace industry by introducing accessories, read-to-wear fashion, shoes and fragrances to the market. The global label will always be famous however, regarding fragrance’s, with over 20 passionate perfumes, it will always be something that Dior will be appreciated for.  

Perfume is commonly described as ‘a fragrant liquid typically made from essential oils extracted from flowers and spices, used to give a pleasant smell to one’s body.’ However Dior has the power to create something so individual, so beautifully different from any other brand. Diorissimo was created by François Demachy in 1956 – and to this day, the floral, intense scent is remembered by many. It is proven that on average, a perfume stays in the public eye for a maximum of 4 years, before it fades out and the new designer perfumes suck up the target audience; but Dior has an average ‘sell by date’ of 6 years, proving the brand is desired.

Throughout the years of Dior, there have been 7 head designers who have changed and manipulated the way Dior has worked as a company for the last 68 years. Some designers have mad their own names through the company, and have created such incredible garments and catwalks for Dior; each has included their own style, their own feelings and emotions behind the brand; yet each has moved the company forward through the emerging market.


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