London Fashion week is one of the biggest events on a fashion lovers calendar; from the 12th of September to the 16th, it covers and highlights over 200 unique and personal designers. Each Spring/Summer collection is so special and incredibly detailed, they’re all so beautiful in creation and form.  
12th of September – DAY 1:
My favourite designer from the first day of London Fashion Week has to fall with Paul Costelloe’s spring/summer collection. The unique use of the material and pattern adds a level of sophistication as each creation looks so different, yet the material remains the same. As one of the designers of British Airway and the British Tennis Team, he uses such traditional crops and cuts of material, promoting a very traditional and sophisticated look to his collections. He has always been an inspiration as unlike new designers, since the 60’s Costelloe has stuck to what he knows, using more upper class ways of creating fashion. He is one of the most successful fashion labels for the last 30 years. 
13th of September – DAY 2:
One designer who is making her way up the fashion ladder is Paula Gerbase, who owns the fashion company 1205. Her signature is – ‘Restrained modern tailoring’. Her work is incredibly simplistic in form, and in particular, the way the colour is so delicate against the crops and cuts, along with the hang of the material, which adds a completely different ambiance to the whole collection. Her work, in my opinion is incredibly beautiful in creation, and is focused on her designs, which is something that a lot of designers now forget about. She has kept to the traditions of fashion, which is why she is an up and coming designer. 
14th of September – DAY 3:
This day in particular was full of incredible designers and collections, however one in particular really stood out to me to be the most realistic; Topshop Unique. The high street brand is one of the most affordable and simplistic collections at 2015 fashion week. with models such as Cara Delevingne, this day in particular was one that many young fashion lovers favoured. The use of block colour separates sections of the body alongside the separations of material. The simplicity of line is strong and highlighted in this collection, which is why I admire the choice with Topshop Unique. Yet another unmissable collection from the spring/summer collection. 
15th of September – DAY 4: 
Another incredible collection, which I personally have followed very carefully is Burberry Prorsum, with Anna Wintor and Paloma Faith on the front row, this was a collection which was looking at the femininity and crops of the body. The jackets and cropped trousers are so sophisticated, representing the world wide brand. Run this time by Christopher Bailey, his work has been so different since he took over in 2008. However this collection was so unique; the large sequins on the peach coloured skirts were so illuminating on the catwalk, which means that for me, this in particular, was one of the most rememberable collections. This sophisticated and emotional collection was incredibly powerful in itself. 
16th of September – DAY 5:
Ashish Gupta is a fun-loving designer, who always strikes me as a different and incredibly unique designer. From his ethics and designs, he will always be on a different level to others in his sector. The colours and sequins are incredibly blinding and creative. This collection is one of him most quirky, but the colours and light and bright, which is exactly what he wanted to achieve for the spring/summer collection. 

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