What is a Professional?

Many people question what a ‘Professional’ is, and in some terms it is difficult to explain, because there are so many different careers changing the meaning. Yet there are certain skills that you need to be in each profession, qualifications are vital to getting a job, which many people underestimate. Nowadays, you need some sort of experience or degree being you to push you one step above the others, which is so tricky for some, yet is vital to joking the industry, as some sort of base level of knowledge is so incredibly important. However, there are factors which run across each level of work, and to be a professional there are certain attributes and attitudes which are nonnegotiable, they are the bases of a profession. In my opinion, the field I am looking to go into is the Fashion industry, so promotion is one of the largest components of this, meaning that for me, there are key elements that I need to acquire through my degree to help my profession:

  • Punctuality and Consistency
  • Willingness and Initiative
  • Drive, Ambition and Focus
  • Time keeping and Organisation
  • Diversity of knowledge
  • Positivity towards work
  • Individual communication as well as group
  • Work placement and Experience
  • Business Mind and Adaptivity
  • Awareness of other Cultures/Languages
  • Networking skills and Business awareness
  • Ability to use software
  • Recognise your weaknesses and strengths

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