The Fashion Industry

Whilst starting my degree in Fashion Promotion, I have been researching the importance of a profession, and what direction I want to head into once I have finished. However, as the Fashion Industry in particular is such a fashion moving industry little planning can be made in some ways; as in 3 years time, there will be new creations, new styles and technologies, which means I am constantly having to adapt and be adaptive to change. Although many would see this as a negative aspect, the unknown is intact incredibly exciting and keeping the focus on the Promotion side to allow my experience to grow through the industry. Fashion is one of the hardest industries to acquire a job in, yet alone keep it; you are constantly fighting and pushing to do better, to manipulate and keep up to date with the surroundings. Although at times this is tough, to be constantly aware, it is incredibly exciting and allows a huge insight to what the future may hold.


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