The Creator of Fashion

What is fashion? A question asked by many, yet the answer is so different depending on who you ask! Fashion is something that everyone interprets in their own way, clothes, shoes, colours, textures, couture! There is no wrong answer, but it is all around us, every day of every week! But, fashion originates from Paris, starting with one man, from the Borock period, King Louie the 14th of Verselle; he was an inspiration of wealth and luxury, and taught all of his people about the importance of colour and texture. The colour purple was seen as luxury, and a colour that could only be worn by the rich. He created the idea of wigs and ladies styles, he sent dolls of fashion in Paris to other countries to educate them how to dress; he was the King of Fashion at that time. Because of this, Verselle is now famous for fashion, as it is where it originated from all that time ago. He left such an impact of luxury and created an identity which was known throughout the world, to the extent that the Russian’s spoke French as they wanted to be just like the, they wanted to live ‘the dream’ that King Louie had created. He was a very sophisticated and powerful man, and with this, he created the awareness of dress sense and fashion. 


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