The Age of Couture

When someone says the word ‘Couture’ to you, many famous names come to mind: Prada, Dior, Chanel, Westwood. Yet none of these names created the idea of design and fashion, yet they learnt this all from one man. 140 years ago, a man called Charles Fredrick Worth created the idea of couture, luxury, intimate and delicate garments, he was an incredible man to come up with the theory that there can be more to clothes than a pair of trousers and a top? He wanted to bring more to the world, he wanted to leave his mark and create something that was a one off, an item which was admired and wanted by all. He made his first high fashion collection in 1856 – which for that time, was just breathtaking for others. He was an inspiration in himself, yet his work was another thing completely. He made the most powerful and unique pieces, meaning to this day his name is constantly referred to in the fashion industry. 


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