Britain’s Got Fashion

Britain's Got Fashion

Recently, I was invited to an event in Hackney which displayed young peoples work from the surrounding area in the fashion industry. Now, many of these designers were 17-25, yet their pieces of art were so incredible, and the collections themselves were so beautifully crafted and thought over. I was astonished to see people my age creating such incredibly detailed, fashionable and crafted pieces of clothing, each garment was so individual and thought out. But what was so lovely, is that the designers then spoke to us, telling us their reasoning behind each piece – where, why and how they choose that material, that colour, that cut and style. The incredible thing is, they were so touched by the applause and the atmosphere in the village hall like room! Live music, Tamera from the x-factor, and a lot of families and friends were there to support this incredibly thoughtful event, and each designer I admired for not only the work, but the time and effort they had put into creating the pieces. It was just breathtaking to see these pieces down the catwalk, such an experience.


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